Mamma Mia: The stage musical

Mamma Mia here I go again. My my how could I resist you? Well apparently I could not resist tickets to this classic musical on its Aberdeen leg of the tour. I have no regrets. Actual text I just sent to my pal: “I have just come out of Mamma Mia and the theatre and am floating on my cloud of musical joy. You can dance! You can ji-ive! Having the time of your life!” Someone should put that on a t-shirt ‘Don’t bother me I am floating on my musical cloud of joy.”

This was another solo theatre trip. I am determined to break the taboo around going places on your own. Don’t be afraid to fly solo. It isn’t sad. It doesn’t mean you don’t have friends. No one is judging you. Why miss out on opportunities because you are waiting for someone else. Plan your best life and grab it with both your hands. It sounds really cheesy I know but so many people are anxious about going places by themselves. So don’t worry you aren’t alone in feeling that way and I would be lying if I never said I was nervous. But it’s worth it. It does also get easier the more you do things on your own. Things I used to find worrying like asking for ‘a table for one’ don’t bother me at all anymore. Tonight dancing and singing along with the rest of the audience as the cast sang out their third encore, which was Waterloo by the way, everyone was having such a blast and no one knew or minded I was on my own. I just clapped along with the people next to me.

This was my first time seeing Mama Mia on stage. Its been a big gap in my ‘Musicals Seen’ list, which currently stands at 15 I think? When I arrived and went to take my seat in the upper circle (after buying a programme and fridge magnet of course) there seemed to be someone already sitting in it. I thought I might have made a mistake so went to go and talk to one of the members of staff (who are all very helpful and welcoming). When she came down to the seats to check it turned out the two girls were in the right seat numbers and row but unfortunately on the wrong level! They were meant to be up in the balcony instead! It was slightly awkward but I was glad (selfishly) it wasn’t my mistake.

The show itself was absolutely fabulous. The last few things I have seen on stage have been with a very paired down cast so I had forgotten how effective a stage full of performers is. I think the cast was about 30 strong and the sound, colours and patterns of them all dancing and singing was impressive on stage. The plot is obviously very similar to the movie but not exactly the same, which isn’t surprising. Yes some of the singing was a little bit off pitch but that didn’t detract from the experience. Of course I had to treat myself to an alcohol free beer at the interval. Felt very fancy. After all no one looking could tell there was no alcohol in it. One thing I love about going to the theatre is that it is it is such an experience. I like to dress up nicely, buy a programme, have a nice drink at the interval and enjoy an escape from reality. Which lets be honest we all need at the moment!

If you guessed I would be driving home singing along to the same songs I just spent two and a half hours listening to then you would be 100% right. “If you see the wonder of a fairytale. You can take the future, even if you fail.”

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