My January favourite films

January has been very hectic for me hence the lack of blog posts. I am slowly working on finding a balance. I sit down with the intention of writing a blog post but no words are written. For a silver lining though I have been watching some more films as when I am tired after work or volunteering I just want to crash out. Which is fine by the way because you, whoever you are, deserves rest. Everyone needs a cosy evening with a hot drink curled in front of the telly. But there are so many options on Netflix, Prime, BBC IPlayer that it can be quite overwhelming. So let me give you some ideas! Let’s go…

The Rescue: 5/5: A docu-drama based on the 2018 Thai Cave rescue of 13 children from a soccer team who were stranded deep within the rocks. It’s an absolutely incredible story of human bravery, generosity and international cooperation. I found it so fascinating to learn about the amazingly niche sport of cave diving which suddenly drew global attention and they had pretty much every expert in the globe there, which was about 10! I guess what hits you the most though is how easily this rescue could have gone the other way. Only 3 days after the rescue was complete the caves were completely flooded and inaccessible for 8 months.

Don’t Look Up: 4/5: A 2021 Netflix original with a star studded cast including Leo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett and more. Loosely the plot is about a giant comet hurtling towards earth that will cause an extinction level event. The astronomers who discovered it try and convince the world to act and let’s just say they have a difficult time of it. I was gripped by the story, the characters and the fantastic soundtrack. So many metaphors and moral messages in the film too. My only tiny critique was that some of the ‘villain’ characters were just a little over exaggerated and silly.

Jaws: 4/5: The classic 1975 action/thriller/horror movie never gets old for me. Yes it is quite dated both in terms of cinematic effects and more importantly gender roles (so I couldn’t give it a 5). But despite being 47 years old the film keeps me gripped, makes me jump and generally on the edge of my seat. The soundtrack is also just absolutely golden.

The Yukon Assignment: 3/5: A wonderfully sweet and warm travel movie. This documentary is about, and filmed by, a father and son on a bonding journey canoeing 500 miles through Yukon in the Canadian wilderness. It’s is quite basics production and nothing dramatic happens. But the scenery is just stunning and the interactions between the pair were engaging.

Munich at the Edge of War: 3/5: Set in 1938 as the world stands on the brink of war with Hitler about to invade Czechoslovakia. The films two main characters, a British and a German civil servant, who went to Oxford University together and now find themselves on opposite sides. Desperate to avoid war Chamberlain’s Government engages the Nazi’s in talks and the two Oxford friends get back in touch. As you know the history it did make the plot a little predictable.

Tick Tick Boom: 3/5: I think if you were more familiar with Jonathan Larson’s music then you would score this more highly. Although I now realise what an incredible composer her was both in his music and his political and social messages. I definitely want to see ‘Rent’ on stage now. This Netflix original is both the story of Jonathon’s early career and a discussion around poignant issues like the HIV crisis. A moving film but the plot was quite slow in places and not knowing the music I got a bit lost at parts.

So there you have it, the films I enjoyed in January. I hope this gave you some ideas of things to watch. I would love to know your favourite films. Not just for January but from any point. My all time favourite movies would have to be: 2005 Pride and Prejudice, Mulan, Tangled, Shawshank Redemption, Pride and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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