Get to know me Q&A

A while ago I was sent a list of questions to answer for a guest blog post which didn’t end up happening. So the draft has been sitting in a folder for a while and I thought it would be a nice thing to share. I write about a whole range of topics that are often not specifically about me. So this post will give you a bit of an inside into the mind of Morag. I’d love to hear some of your answers to these questions in the comments. Feel free to answer one or several!

What does your Sunday morning routine look like?: Sunday is my lie in morning so I usually wake up about 9:00am. I need about 20 minutes just to relax in bed before I get up, that’s the same whether I am getting up at 5:00am or 10:00am. I despise having to get up straight away. Once I am out of bed it is time to take my various medications, it doesn’t take too long but if I am tired then it can take a bit of self-persuasion to get them sorted. I always prefer to be dressed for breakfast so its off with the comfy PJs (because who doesn’t love Pjs?) and into my day clothes. Breakfast is hands down my favourite meal of the day and I always have a book to read whilst I eat.

What is on your Sunday morning playlist?: If I need to wake myself up and give myself an energy boost then its my ‘Crack a Smile’ playlist which is full of upbeat songs that make me smile and most importantly I can sing along to. But in the interests of honestly the Taylor Swift complete playlist is very often playing in the background.

How do you take your coffee (or preferred morning beverage)?: Just straight up black caffeinated coffee. No frills.

Sunday Brunch? What does it look like?: An oat milk cappuccino followed by a black americano and an orange juice to drink. I am vegetarian so cooked breakfasts aren’t always accessible so it would need to be a pancake stack with berries, yoghurt and maple syrup. Even typing that makes me hungry. But you can never go wrong with breakfast pastries either.

What song/album do you never get bored listening to?: Gosh this is hard. It has to be something from a musical as I love musicals. I am going to go with ‘Six: The Musical’. “We’re one of a kind no category…” You can’t see but I am bobbing along in my bedroom now. However I have to mention our Queen Taylor Swift as well. ‘Speak Now’ or ‘Folklore’ are my favourites but all her albums are fantastic. I am a shameless Swiftie.

What song can you not stop listening to right now?: ‘Makin’ a Move’ Lady Bri. Never fails to make me feel like a powerful badass woman.

What is the favourite room in your house and why?: My private giant library. Okay that is a lie, I don’t have a library. Is it weird if I say the bathroom? I just love having a long hot bath.

What is your favourite piece of furniture you own and why?: When I was around 6 my Dad painted a chest of drawers for me that still stand proudly in my bedroom now. The front is a blue sky day with mountains and a big rainbow. In contrast the back is a night sky covered with stars.

Favourite season and why?: I am a winter girl and having grown up in the North of Scotland I do mean proper winter. I am talking snow, cold, short days and long nights. I love the cosy evenings, the festive season, the hot drinks and yes I even love the cold. I also really struggle with getting too hot partly because that’s always been me but also because my medication effects my ability to temperature regulate so I am at a higher risk of heat stroke. The joys of chronic illness!

Something on your bucket list: Skydiving! I have been bungee jumping before which was amazing so skydiving seems the obvious next step. Ironically I am terrified of flying, I hate planes, but I am fine with falling. So what scares me about skydiving the most is the idea of going up in one of those little planes!

So there you go, some random facts about me. I always enjoy reading posts like this, they feel friendly and also I am just nosey! So I hope you enjoyed this too.

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