Female solo travel top tips

There has been a lot in the news recently about the danger that women can be in. Whilst I am in no way undermining that I wanted to do a positive post about female empowerment and what we as women are capable of. I of course went for a topic I am really passionate about which is female solo travel. I have been lucky enough to have some amazing solo adventures from Germany to Bali to Vietnam. It is an incredible thing to do but the thought of it can be really scary so here is a post of all my top tips for travelling as a solo female.

Don’t be afraid to do anything because you are ‘alone’ e.g eating in restaraunts, going to a nice bar, a boat trip or whatever. You might feel like people are wondering why you are alone but honestly no one cares. And if they do then to be honest their lives can’t be all that interesting.

Take baby steps. You don’t have to begin with going to India on your own to find yourself. You can take a trip to museum or gallery or a day trip to a local village or National Trust property. For your first trip you could do a staycation, in a location you have been to before so it’s familiar and you won’t have lots of pressure to get all the big things done. Since lockdown and me being ill I have been focusing on staycations. My first one back was to Stonehaven which is an old fishing village 35 minutes drive from home. I had a couple of nights away in a very familiar place but still had that holiday feel.

Confidence. Own your arrival, walk with confidence. Look as if you believe you belong and people will believe you.

But it is its okay to be nervous or worried. You are taking a step into the unknown being anxious is so normal. I have done quite a bit of solo travel now but with lockdown and me being very unwell it’s been quite a while before I have been abroad alone and I am a mixture of excited but also pretty nervous.

Do not be afraid of some down time. Often it can be a little overwhelming at times at it’s okay to take a breather.

One of my worries about solo travel that doesn’t seem that big but mattered to me a lot, was how I was going to get nice photos of myself. Because a selfie is great but you don’t want them to be your only option for the trip, or I didn’t anyway. There are three main tips I have: Self timer on an Iphone. Either just propping your phone up against something or using a small tripod. I usually just go with propping up. Two ask someone. Three pay for a photography experience or package.

One of the things I adore about solo travel is the full freedom to be me and spend time with people I want to. I don’t have to small talk and I don’t have to walk by locals or other travellers because other people in my group want to go somewhere else. I can sit with my book at breakfast for as long as I want. I can join a new found friend for coffee. I have have a tour of a market with a random local man who speaks English and will tell me all the vegetarian stuff. I can stay longer in a location if I am enjoying it or leave earlier if not. I am full of magical stories to share with my friends and family back home.

But on the flip side with solo travel it can be a great way to meet new people. When you travel with family and friends you tend to stick with them. But being on your own makes you more open to others. I never really set out to meet people but you just do and I personally have had some lovely memories with people I met.

What bag will you take? This depends on the type of trip you are doing. But remember you are responsible for everything that comes, non-else. So your bag has to be big enough so equally don’t go too far the other way and pack too much in a huge bag because you won’t be able to dump weight onto anyone. The kind of bag you want depends on your holiday but whatever you choose good pockets are a must. Few things stress me out more than racking round the bottom of a tote bag trying to find my keys and being amazed how long it can take to place them in such a small space. Pockets also make it easier to take things out of your bag as you need them without having to unpack and repack stuff every stop.

Pack the right kit: Headphone adapters, charging adaptors, microfibre towels, women’s hygiene, padlock, shawls or something that covers your shoulders, back up list of important numbers in case you loose your phone, e-reader, torch (an actual one not on your Iphone), good portable charger. A basic first aid kit.

So there we have it. My top tips for female solo travelling. I wish you all happy adventures at home and abroad.

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