Please listen: Disability advocacy

They say use your voice

Don’t be afraid to shout

But what to do when the word blocks you out?

When you bang on the walls

And try to stand tall.

You proclaim your message

And your message falls.

Please just listen to what I have to say

It will not take all day.

Just a few minutes of your time

To make a difference to years of mine.

I might be disabled

But that doesn’t mean my views should be tabled.

I am deserving of attention

Not of prevention.

I know to live my dreams

I need the help of a team.

I need adjustments and support

But that shouldn’t be much to report.

I have talents and skills

I can pay my own bills.

I just need to be given a chance,

A listening ear.

So please can someone hear.

Make minorities a priority and I promise you won’t be sorry.

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