Farewell 2020

Well everyone we made it. Today is the 1st January 2021. I welcomed in the New Year with my family by the ocean at Torry Battery. We had wind, rain and champagne; there were unofficial fireworks let off all across the city; the boats in the harbour and out at sea were are sounding their horns; some other Aberdonians had the same idea to come to the point and we all shouted together at midnight. It was actually really special. I think because I had no expectations of anything happening so to see and hear the skyline light up was pretty magical.

This time is traditionally a chance for reflection and I am sure I am not the only one who can sometimes find that challanging. I land up spending more time judging myself and pondering how to be ‘better’ next year than thinking what I might have done well.

So no matter how you spent the year you can be so proud for making it through because none of us could have ever imagined what has happened over the last twelve months. I was thinking about doing a big summery post of my year but it didn’t feel right. Partly because it has been a really hard year for me beyond Covid, I have spent 3 months in hospital and had my third knee surgery. I also moved back to Scotland after living in England since 2014. But more than that I don’t want anyone to compare themselves to anyone else. It is a pandemic not a competition. So I thought instead I would share this wee poem that I wrote that I hope summaries my feelings and is relatable for some of you guys.

An Ode to 2020

Raise a glass to freedom

Something they can never take away.

Well Alexander Hamilton let me tell you about today.

It is 20201

2020 has been and gone.

What a year.

Trust me there is a lot to hear.

There is this thing called Covid,

It’s new that’s true.

But to us it feels old,

It has taken a hold on every aspect of life.

Anxiety and uncertainty are rife.

We’ve been living through a pandemic

It’s been nothing short of endemic.

Back in March Lockdown one seemed harsh.

How would we manage? How would be comprehend?

Little did we know the months in shut down we would spend.


R. numbers


A whole new vocabulary has come our way.

Shops, cafes and cinemas are closed.

So we have been throwing on our clothes and going outdoors.

Anything to get us out of our own front doors.

Family and friends are far away.

I want to say hey.

I want to share a hug.

Well Alexander Hamilton I raise my mug,

To Alexander Hamilton I raise my mug,

To surviving this year and looking forward to 2021 with cheer.

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